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(May 5, 1931 – )

Ken and Pam Bulmer.

Pamela Kathleen “Pam” Bulmer (née Buckmaster) was a British fan active in the 1950s. She was on the Loncon committee and introduced Ella Parker to fanzines.

She was Ron Buckmaster’s sister and married fellow fan Kenneth Bulmer on March 7, 1953. In 1955, she accompanied Ken on his TAFF trip. The Clevention PR 4 described her:

A non-fan, who, like many non-fans, thought sf fans were mad, still does, for that matter, but has decided to join us in our madness. Pamela edits Ugh! in OMPA and has just been appointed editor of Femizine. Has appeared in Walt Willis’s Hyphen, is noted for making Walt Willis laugh, and is generally acclaimed as the most beautiful fan-ed in fandom. Is beginning to write professionally.

The Bulmers had three children; they divorced in 1981.

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