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(February 4, 1889 – July 1974)

Dorothea Magill “Rory” Faulkner, also called “Dotty,” was an LA fan and a member of LASFS (serving as Secretary) and of the Outlander Society. She sold a couple of short stories to the prozines as Rory Magill.

In No Award 8 (Fall 2000), Len Moffatt recalled:

When Dorothea M. Faulkner (aka "Grandma the Demon" when she wrote locs to the prozines, Rory Faulkner when she wrote poetry both serious and humorous, and 'Dottie' to her close friends) attended her first LASFS meeting we knew at once that she was Outlander material. She was a little old grey-haired lady from Covina and the type of person we used to call a 'pistol.'

Faulkner was a regular correspondent of such fanzines as Now & Then, as well as contributing poetry to other zines. She belonged to the N3F and served on its Welcommittee.

She attended Loncon, the 1957 Worldcon in London, at age 68 and was made a Lady of St. Fantony there, as well as being interviewed for a BBC film about the con. In his conrep, Lonconfidential, Chuck Harris described her:

Rory, petite and near seventy, but still as pert as any teen-ager and not the least bit flurried about travelling over half the world from L.A. to London....

Ron Bennett remembered in Mimosa 30 (August 2003):

 ...there was the sixty-something year old Rory Faulkner, who was an absolute charmer. And a novelty. Sixty-plus year olds just didn't travel six thousand miles to attend conventions, didn't y'know? She told me that George Bernard Shaw had said that youth was too precious to be wasted on the young. 

Faulkner was still working at age 66, writing to the Fall 1955 Startling Stories (p. 6) that she worked in porcelain pottery, and that her doctor gave her 40 more years to live.

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