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(1) A Fanzine by Marion Cox[edit]

A fanzine edited/published by Marion Cox in the 1950s which specialized in material by women.

Other SF fans who were involved in the zine were Juanita Coulson, Honey Wood, and Noreen Falasca.

(2) A Fanzine by Juanita Coulson and Lee Anne Tremper.[edit]

Probably published in the late 1950s. In April, 1960, Tremper mentions this as a fanzine that "I have published", i.e. previous to 1960. In her (apparently) chronological list of her previous fanzines, she lists it as coming after one she published in 1954-55, but the last one before her 1960 Space Cage.

Issue Date Pages Notes
5 26

{Were these two separate fanzines?}

See also STF-ETTE, Femizine.

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