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(December 18, 1928 – ????)

Honey Wood and Roger Graham at Clevention, 1955. They would marry the following year.
Photo by George Young.

Honey Wood Graham was an active fan in Cleveland in the 1950s, working on conventions (she was secretary of the Cleveland in '55 Worldcon bid and of Clevention, the resulting Worldcon). By 1960, she was living in Berkeley, CA, where she chaired the Baycon Westercon in Oakland, CA, sponsored by the Golden Gate Futurian Society. She was on the concom of Solacon.

She was involved in the Fanettes and a member of The Terrans, the N3F and the Little Men and served as an officer of all four. She was secretary of the N3F Correspondence Bureau.

She was co-editor of The National Fantasy Fan in 1954 (with Nan Gerding), Femzine (with Noreen Falasca), and The Bulletin of the Cleveland Science Fiction Society (with Harlan Ellison). She was a model in the LASFS Fashion Show that Bjo Wells ran at Solacon.

Honey Louise Wood married fan and SF author Roger Phillips Graham in California in 1956; she was his third wife, and they remained together till his death a decade later. She generally gafiated after that but attended Baycon in 1968.

Her photo appears on page 322 of A Wealth of Fable, the history of fandom during the 1950s, by Harry Warner, Jr..

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