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(August 27, 1927 –)

Mari Wolf Graham, a California SF fan and author, ran a fan column, "Fandora's Box," for Imagination from April, 1951 to April, 1956. Wolf wrote about SF and SF fandom, reviewed and ranked fanzines, and interviewed authors. She doled out egoboo with such heedless abandon that the character styled as the Giantess in The Enchanted Duplicator was modeled after her. (Her column was similar to her husband Rog Phillips’ column, "The Club House," that appeared from 1948 to 1953 in Amazing and later in other SF magazines edited by Ray Palmer.)

She had a lifelong interest in mathematics and rocket science. She attended UCLA where she studied mathematics, and then worked in the aerospace industry in Southern California, as a "calculating-machine operator" at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1950s.

Several of Wolf's SF stories appeared in If, including the short novel Homo Inferior (November, 1953). The first use of the word droid for a robot, appeared in her 1952 story "Robots of the World! Arise!"

She also wrote mysteries, including The Golden Frame (1961).

As of 1950, Wolf was a member of the Outlander Society and the N3F. Her photograpth and a brief autobiography were published in the March, 1952 Imagination. In this autobiography, she stated that she was introduced to SF fandom by Phillips' "The Club House", sought him out at a Norwescon in September, 1951, and married him the next month. She also wrote that she had wanted to be a writer since she was five years old.

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