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FTS was a fanzine by Larry J. Touzinsky and Paul Mittelbuscher from St. Louis, MO, in the early 1950s.

From the first issue:

FAN TO SEE was originally intended to be the 0-0 of the Missouri Science Fantasy League, but most fen steer clear of Official Organs because they think that they are published only for the members. So FTS, while it will be published partly for the club, will not be the O-O.
Issue Date Pages Notes
1 January 1953 38 Mimeo. Contributors: Robert E. Clarke, Isabelle Dinwiddie, Wilkie Conner, Belle S. Mooney, Charles L. Hames, Terry Carr, Juanita Wellons, Kent Chatterton, Max B. Miller, Orma McCormick, Jack Bowie-Reed, Dave Hammond. Art: Nancy Share, Don Cantin, Paul Powlesland, Juanita Wellons.
2 February 1953 40
3 May 1953 24
4 Winter 1953 22 final issue

Publication 1953
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