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The Fan Awards Poll was originated by Charles Wells just prior to the 1962 Worldcon.

A Fan Awards Poll Committee was formed to administer the awards initially, consisting of Walter Breen, Bob Lichtman, and Dick Lupoff. Harry Warner was appointed to oversee first annual poll, which was mailed in March 1963 (for the year 1962), Charles Wells took over when Warner sustained a hip injury in early 1963.

For 1963, the winners were Warhoon for Best Fanzine, ATom for Best Artist and Best Cartoonist, and Walt Willis for Best Column, Best Writer, and Number One Fan Face.

Dick Eney took charge for 1964 poll (for the year 1963), mailing out ballots in February 1964. The winners were Yandro for Best Fanzine, Double Bill #7 for Best Single Publication, ATom for Best Artist, "Strange Fruit" in Yandro for Best Column, Willis for Best Writer, Arnold Katz for Best New Fan of the Year, and Willis again for Number One Fan Face.

The award has no connection to the later FAAn Awards.

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