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In Fancyclopedia, the term publishing is far more likely to refer to fan publishing (fanzines and apas) than to professional book or prozine publishing. Pub is a fannish shortening of publish. Its participle is pubbing.

Pub Your Ish!” meaning, “Publish issues of your fanzine!” is a catchphrase immortalized on one of the earliest Corflu t-shirts. It was coined by Fred Phillips and used initially tongue-in-cheek among Fanoclasts, a club made up primarily (but not exclusively) of fanzine fans, when it was presumed by those who were not members that publishing a fanzine was an absolute requirement for membership.

A publishing jiant (akin to traveling jiant), is one who does a great deal of it.

See also: Publishing House, Ish.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Because many fanzines print anything they receive, and alteration of the writer's wording is frowned upon, the "editor" of fanzines sometimes has little function aside from publishing. In some cases, too, fans with mimeos do part of the mechanical work for those less favored. And in cooperatives like the LASFS the ed may even have other fans cutting stencil for him. In such cases, the work of the mere "editor" approaches vanishing point, so it is customary, in fandom, to give credit to whoever does the dirty work by speaking of "publishers" as well as, or instead of, "editors" of fmz.