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(April 13, 1941 – April 5, 2003)

John Maxwell Foyster (who also used the pennames John Ossian and K. U. F. Widdershins) entered fandom in the late 1950s and began publishing fanzines in the ’60s. He was the main organizer of the 1966 Seventh Australian Science Fiction Convention, which is credited with relaunching Australian fandom.

In 1970, Foyster begin the Australia in '75 campaign that ultimately led to Aussiecon I, the 1975 Worldcon. He chaired the Melbourne in '85 bid and was the first chairman of Aussiecon II, but resigned. He helped found DUFF in 1972 and in 1979 was the first GUFF winner and published the trip report Stranger in Stranger Lands. He won three Ditmar Awards.

As a member of The Science Fiction Collective, he revived and published the Australian Science Fiction Review from 1979 through 1986. He helped foster a critical approach to SF in others by hosting the Nova Mob in Melbourne and Critical Mass in Adelaide.

In addition to being active in fanzine publishing, he was a fan historian with broad knowledge of the field. (Around the time of Aussiecon 3, he wrote Australian Fan History 1953-1966.) He was a member of FAPA for which he published Candiru. On his 60th birthday, his wife, Yvonne Rousseau, with Juliette Woods and Damien Warman produced a special commemorative fanzine named Festzine.

See John Foyster: The Continuum Tribute by Bruce Gillespie for the transcript of the Continuum 1 tribute panel.

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