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(Did you mean the British Nova Mob?)

Book discussion group in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Nova Mob was founded by John Foyster.

In issue 2 of The Somerset Gazette, Mervyn Binns proposed formation of a "Melbourne Science Fiction Society" that would engage in serious discussions of science fiction literature, whilst the Melbourne Science Fiction Club remained more of a social club. At the first meeting of the proposed group, at Myf and Tony Thomas's flat in August 1970, its proposed name was rejected. At the second meeting, held at John Bangsund's house, "The Nova Mob" was agreed upon as the name for the new group. The third meeting was held at the Degraves Tavern.

The first speaker was Bruce Gillespie, who spoke at the club's second meeting. At about the same time, APA NOVA, a club APA was founded.

When the Nova Mob was revived in the early 1980s, meetings were held at Jenny Bryce's house in St Kilda.

There have been meetings open to all at conventions, but through to early 2019 most meetings were private functions.

In October 2018, there was a Nova Mob meeting at which Bruce Gillespie spoke on the history of the Nova Mob. At the Continuum 15 opening ceremony, Murray McLachlan extended an invitation to all present to join Nova Mob.

Bossa Novas have included: John Foyster, Lucy Sussex and Julian Warner, Murray MacLachlan.

The club was still meeting in 2020.

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