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Interzone is a British prozine which began in 1982 and is now the longest-running British prozine ever.

Interzone was initially produced by an unpaid collective of eight people—John Clute, Alan Dorey, Malcolm Edwards, Colin Greenland, Graham James, Roz Kaveney, Simon Ounsley and David Pringle, but soon David Pringle was editor and the force behind Interzone. Pringle was succeeded by Andy Cox in 2004 and TTA Press, which publishes The Third Alternative, became owner of Interzone.

Interzone has been supported in part by various kinds of arts grants from the UK and various localities, foundations and individuals. While it has been a major and respected venue for the publishing of short SF (it pays pro rates and is fully professional in appearance and production values), it has usually been technically treated as something other than a prozine. By Hugo rules, Interzone is a semiprozine and since 2006 it has not been considered a professional market by SFWA.

Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon, gave David Pringle a Special Committee Award for his work on Interzone. It has also won the British Fantasy Award.

Interzone has been responsible for starting the careers of a number of important science fiction writers, including Stephen Baxter, Greg Egan, Kim Newman, Alastair Reynolds and Charles Stross.

Awards and Honors

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