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(1966 --)

Alastair Preston Reynolds is a British SF author who specializes in hard SF and space opera. He spent his early years in Cornwall, moved back to Wales before going to Newcastle, where he studied physics and astronomy. He earned a PhD from St Andrews, Scotland. In 1991, he moved to the Netherlands where he met his wife. There, he worked for the European Space Agency until 2004 when he left to pursue writing full time. He returned to Wales in 2008.

He is probably best known for his space opera "Revelation Space" series that consists of the following: Revelation Space (2000), Chasm City (2001), Redemption Ark (2002), Absolution Gap (2003), and The Prefect (2007).

His short fiction has been collected in Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (2003) and in Zima Blue and Other Stories (2006).

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