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(February 10, 1958 -- July 24, 2017)

A British fan who became active in fandom while at Leeds University in the late 70s and was active through the late 90s, gafiated, and then again became active around 2012.

In 1979 he co-founded the Surrey Limpwrists, a club and was elected president of BSFA (serving through 1985). In 1982, he was one of the eight founders of Interzone. He was married to fellow fan Rochelle Dorey. He was on the Yorcon, Yorcon II, Yorcon III, Seacon '84, Corflu 32 committees.

He was the target of a hoax with the first issue of Another Bloody Fanzine. He and Joseph Nicholas had been telling everyone about the reviewzine they planned to publish. David Langford and Kevin Smith published a hoax issue first so that they own first issue was a bit of an anticlimax.

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