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The 1982 Worldcon and the fourth in Chicago, Chicon IV was held September 2-6 1982 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. GoHs: A. Bertram Chandler, Frank Kelly Freas and FGoH: Lee Hoffman.

Marta Randall was Toastmaster. It was sponsored by ISFIC and chaired by Ross Pavlac and Larry Propp.

The convention was famously bureaucratic, and many felt that it represented the apotheosis of the Columbus Cavalry. It was also noted for having something like 8 color gradations in its badges, providing a set of fine ranks from the bottom (attendee: black) to the top (senior committee: white). (Elliot Shorter commented on this!) Red, green, blue, and yellow -- at least -- were in between. It was also a bit famous for its lines: First for Registration, then to pick up a Masquerade ticket, and then again at the Masquerade to use the ticket.

The convention newsletter was The Daley Planet edited by Mike Glyer.

Scientology was busy: There was a large mock-up of Battlefield:Earth on the stage as well as a billboard advertising it on the main road from the airport to the convention site.

It arose from the Chicago in 1982 bid and hosted the 1984 Worldcon Site Selection.

Read Dave Kyle's Chicon IV reminiscence. See a convention report by Mike Glyer in File 770 36, p. 2.

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