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Cover of Yandro 137, June 1964, on distinctive “Yandro yellow” twiltone. Art by Joe Staton.

Yellow has been a color of significance since fandom’s earliest days, beginning with Dave Kyle’s infamous Yellow Pamphlet, which incited the Exclusion Act at the First Worldcon in 1939.

A shade of twiltone officially named “gold” became fannishlyYandro yellow” because of the Coulsons’ habitual fanzine use. Richard H. Small pubbed a series of yellow-monikered fanzines, including Yellow Balloon, Yellow Banana, Yellowed Memories, Yellow Submarine and Yellow Tangerine.

The rare yellow ditto masters were once highly sought after and drew big prices in fan auctions.

For many years, DAW Books was known for the distinctive yellow spines of its paperbacks, a constant design element until 1984. Gollancz books are recognizable for their plain yellow dust jackets. 

Southern Fandom’s Swill is famously bright yellow.

See also: Black, Blue, Purple, Green.

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