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(March 25, 1945 -- July 28, 1983)

Lawrence W. (Larry) Propp was an Illinois fan and con-runner who co-chaired Chicon IV, the 1982 Worldcon. He found fandom in 1968 while living in Peoria where he co-founded Pecon with Don Blyly. In college was was a member of the University of Illinois SF Society and later edited its clubzine Busy Busy Busy.

In spite of making his living as a lawyer in Peoria, his fannish life was centered in Chicago. He was one of the co-founders of ISFIC and Windycon in 1974 and chaired or co-chaired Windycon IV, Windycon VI, and Windycon VIII. He was deeply involved in some of the later WSFS, Inc. maneuverings.

He was one of the Dorsai Irregulars and counted as a member of the Columbus Cavalry. He worked many Worldcons in the 70s and was one of the founders of the Chicago in 1982 bid. He died of an apparent heart attack just a year after Chicon IV.

See File 770 43, p. 4 for a long obituary by his good friend Ross Pavlac.

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