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(Did you want the New Zealand Natcon?)

Windycon, a Chicago-area regional convention, was founded in 1974 and held annually since then. In recent years, it has ordinarily been held on the weekend closest to Veterans Day. ISFiC, Inc., is the corporate parent.

Windycon was originally founded in order to raise the profile of fandom in Chicago in preparation for a Worldcon bid. Founders included Lynne and Mark Aronson, who chaired the first three cons; Jon and Joni Stopa and Carol and Mike Resnick. In 1982, Chicon IV was the result. From its small beginnings, Windycon has grown to have an annual membership hovering around 1,300. It is the largest of the fan-run Chicago conventions.

Annually since 1986, ISFiC has hosted the ISFiC Writers Contest in conjunction with Windycon, open to unpublished authors. The contest is judged by professional authors and editors.

It was spelled “Windycon” for I–XXI and 38 onwards. For XXII–37, it was “WindyCon.”

See also: List of Chicago Conventions.

ISFiC Guest[edit]

An ISFiC Guest is someone who has been selected as a special guest for a Windycon, over and above the normal Guests of Honor, and whose trip is paid for by a grant from Windycon excess funds.

Convention Date GoHs, Notes
Windycon I October 25-27, 1974 Joe Haldeman, Lou Tabakow
Windycon II October 3-5, 1975 Bob Tucker, Joni Stopa
Windycon III October 15-17, 1976 Algis Budrys, Bev Swanson
Windycon IV October 7-9, 1977 Bill Rotsler, Meade Frierson
Windycon V October 6-8, 1978 Bob Shaw, George Scithers
Windycon VI October 5-7, 1979 William Tenn, Tony Lewis, Suford Lewis
Windycon VII October 24-26, 1980 Robert Sheckley, Gardner Dozois
Windycon VIII December 18-20, 1981 Larry Niven, Mike Glyer
Windycon IX December 10-12, 1982 Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson
Windycon X October 7-9, 1983 George R. R. Martin, Victoria Poyser, Ben Yalow
Windycon XI December 7-9, 1984 Alan Dean Foster, Joan Hanke-Woods
Windycon XII October 11-13, 1985 C. J. Cherryh, Todd Cameron Hamilton
Windycon XIII November 14-16, 1986 Harry Harrison, Arlin Robins, Donald A. Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim
Windycon XIV November 6-8, 1987 Vernor Vinge, Jane Yolen, Darlene P. Coltrain, Beth Meacham, Dick Spelman
Windycon XV November 11-13, 1988 Orson Scott Card, Erin McKee, Lou Aronica, Mark Aronson, Lynne Aronson
Windycon XVI November 10-12, 1989 Barry B. Longyear, David Lee Anderson, Beth Fleischer, Mike Glyer, Bob Passovoy, George R. R. Martin, George Alec Effinger, Lawrence Watt-Evans
Windycon XVII November 9-11, 1990 Barbara Hambly, Bob Eggleton, Brian M. Thomsen, Martha Beck
Windycon XVIII November 8-10, 1991 Mike Resnick, P. D. Breeding Black, Robert Weinberg, Howard DeVore
Windycon XIX November 6-8, 1992 Robert Shea, Julius Schwartz, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Wolf Foss, Richard Foss
Windycon XX November 12-14, 1993 Joe Haldeman, Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas, Algis Budrys, Bill Higgins
Windycon XXI November 11-13, 1994 Sharyn McCrumb, Janny Wurts, Clark E. Wilmarth, Alice Bentley
WindyCon XXII November 10-12, 1995 Poul Anderson, Heather Bruton, Stanley Schmidt, Dick Smith, Leah Zeldes Smith
WindyCon XXIII November 8-10, 1996 Lois McMaster Bujold, Randy Asplund-Faith, Christian Ready, Tom Barber, Tara Barber
WindyCon XXIV November 7-9, 1997 David Weber, Doug Rice, Charles Ryan, Tim Lane, Elizabeth Garrott
WindyCon XXV November 13-15, 1998 Allen Steele, Phil Foglio, Mitchell Burnside-Clapp, Martin H. Greenberg, Barry Lyn-Waitsman, Marcy Lyn-Waitsman, Frederik Pohl
WindyCon XXVI November 12-14, 1999 Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Steven Vincent Johnson, Mitchell Burnside-Clapp, Chaz Boston Baden
WindyCon XXVII November 10-12, 2000 Terry Brooks, Lubov, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Larry Smith, Sally Kobee
WindyCon XXVIII November 9-11, 2001 Kevin Anderson, David Egge, Dave McCarty
WindyCon XXIX November 8-10, 2002 Charles de Lint, Lisa Snellings, Shawna McCarthy, Mark Leeper, Evelyn Leeper
WindyCon XXX November 7-9, 2003 Gregory Benford, Vincent di Fate, John G. Cramer, Tom Doherty, Lynne Aronson, Mark Aronson, Phyllis Eisenstein
WindyCon 31 November 12-14, 2004 Robert J. Sawyer, Jael, Gil Pearson, Barry Childs-Helton, Sally Childs-Helton
WindyCon 32 November 11-13, 2005 Harry Turtledove, Bill Holbrook, Mark Osier, Erin Gray, Gil Gerard, Nate Bucklin, Louie Bucklin, Jim Rittenhouse
WindyCon 33 November 10-12, 2006 Jack McDevitt, Stephan Martiniére, Seth Shostak, Jacob Weisman, Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson
WindyCon 34 November 9-11, 2007 Tanya Huff, Jody Lee, Toni Weisskopf, George W. Price
WindyCon 35 November 14-16, 2008 John Ringo, David Mattingly, Ryan Yantis, Walter Koenig, Kim Williams
WindyCon 36 November 13-15, 2009 James P. Blaylock, Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio, Chris Garcia, Tom Smith
WindyCon 37 November 12-14, 2010 Steven Barnes, Nene Thomas, Animal X, Tricky Pixie, Jason Schachat
Windycon 38 November 11-13, 2011 Catherine Asaro, Joe Bergeron, Mike Brotherton, Frank Hayes, Hugh Daniel
Windycon 39 November 9-11, 2012 Seanan McGuire, Amy McNally, Steve Jackson, Pete Abrams, Eric S. Raymond
Windycon 40 November 8-10, 2013 Jim C. Hines, Michael Longcor, Bruce Schneier, Karen Cooper, Pete Abrams
Windycon 41 November 14-16, 2014 A. Lee Martinez, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Matrices, Lou Anders, Geek Girl Chicago, SF Squeecast
Windycon 42 November 13-15, 2015 Christopher Moore, Chris Moore, Maurine Starkey, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Jeff Bohnhoff, Andy Looney, Kristin Looney
Windycon 43 November 11-13, 2016 Adam Seltzer, Ookla the Mok, Art Baltazar, Nerd Circus, Bob Passovoy, Anne Passovoy
Windycon 44 November 10-12, 2017 Rudy Rucker, Paul Taylor, Tawny Letts, Erica Neely, Judi Miller
Windycon 45 November 9-11, 2018 Faith Hunter, Galen Dara, Kevin Roche, Jen Midkiff, Bobbi Armbruster
Windycon 2019 November 15-17, 2019 Elizabeth Moon, Mitchell Davidson Bentley, Chris Barkley
Windycon 47 in 2020 November 13–15, 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19
Breezycon November 13-15, 2020 (virtual) Ray VanTilburg, Elizabeth Koprucki, Seanan McGuire
Windycon 47 in 2021 November 12–14, 2021 Ben Aaronovitch, Ray VanTilburg, Elizabeth Koprucki, Seanan McGuire, John Berlyne, Ken Hite
Windycon 48 November 11–13, 2022 A. M. Dellamonica, Kelly Robson, Lauren Raye Snow, Lauren Oxford, Bill Higgins, Shana Mostella, April Choi Spinneret
Windycon 49 November 10–12, 2023 April Choi, Rick Heinz, Trevor Mueller, Logan Rocha, Jess Stary, Laser Webber

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