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(1956 --)

An American fan and cartoonist. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago and was a member of the Armchair Speculators, DePaul University's science fiction club, art-directing & co-editing the group's fanzine, Effen Essef. For a time he hosted the Thursday Night Irregulars meeting/parties of Chicago-area fans. He was a member of Mobius Theater and the Chicago in 1982 Worldcon bid.

In 1976, the slide show The Capture, written by Robert Asprin and illustrated by Foglio, was nominated for the 1976 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo and Foglio was nominated for Best Fan Artist for the first time. He won the 1977 Best Fan Artist Hugo and the 1978 Best Fan Artist Hugo. He was nominated for the 2008 Best Professional Artist Hugo.

After some work in independent comics (with Freff and Melissa Ann Singer), Foglio worked as an artist in Chicago, working for Donning/Starblaze (illustrating the Robert Asprin's MythAdventures series. In the 1990s, Foglio met and married Kaja Murphy Foglio and the couple continued to work as independent artists. The eventually produced the steampunk-fantasy series Girl Genius, which won all of the Best Graphic Story Hugo awards until they took it out of contention.

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