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(July 9, 1929 – )

George Price at Midwestcon 17, 1966.
Photo by Mark Irwin from Zingaro 8.

George W. Price was introduced to science fiction by his high school chemistry teacher in 1947. He became active in fandom while serving in the Army Chemical Corps in the early 1950s, attending club meetings in Baltimore and Philadelphia. He was a member of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society.

His first convention was TASFIC, the 1952 Worldcon. The following year saw him living in Chicago and joining the University of Chicago Science Fiction Club, where he eventually was elected president, a position made permanent for him in 1963. George was part of the Chicago: 1959 Worldcon bid.

As the U of C club’s attendance and activity dropped off, beginning in 1965, he began hosting parties at his home at 1439 W. North Shore Avenue on the third Saturday of each month, which continued for 20 years. Many Chicago fen found fandom at George’s. Eventually, the attendance changed from members of the University of Chicago club to members of the University of Illinois at Chicago Science Fiction Society and DePaul University Society of Science Fiction Freaks and Armchair Speculators.

Price was an early (though not founding) partner in Advent:Publishers, joining the company in 1960. As the other partners left Chicago, Price eventually found himself in charge of the company and by 1965 was responsible for most of the tasks of the company.

He was married twice, first to Lou Ann McElroy in 1960; they divorced in the 1960s. In 1999, he married a mundane woman who died in 2013.

George Price and Roberta Conner at Midwestcon 17, 1966. Photo by Mark Irwin from Zingaro 8.

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