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A fan who is a filker. She is married to fellow filker Barry Childs-Helton. She is a member of The Black Book Band and Wild Mercy.

She is an archivist musician professor at Butler University and has written academically about filk music. Her article "Folk Music in a Digital Age: The Importance of Face-to-Face Community Values in Filk Music" appeared in the Journal of Fandom Studies on June 1, 2016. Her acceptance speech at the 2003 Filk Hall of Fame ceremony is often cited, along with Barry's speech which immediately followed, as one of the best expressions of the spirit of filk. She said in this speech;

So, just be aware that we're doing something — I dare use the word revolutionary, but we are — we are taking back our right as human beings to make art. If the rest of the culture was doing this, it would be a very different and much better culture to live in.

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