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(January 14, 1915 – May 16, 1981)

Lou Tabakow was a Cincinnati dry cleaner, and one of his customers, Dale Tarr, introduced him to fandom. He was the founding Secretary/Treasurer of the CFG and then its long-time Dictator. Tabakow made sure that CFG ran a hospitality suite at every Worldcon.

Tabakow shared a birthday, January 14, with CFG co-founder Don Ford, and the date was often celebrated by the group. He was a founder of Midwestcon, Marcon, and Octocon in Sandusky and one of the founders of the First Fandom club. He also helped start two Worldcons, the Cinvention and Tricon. He chaired dozens of Octocons and Midwestcons, and worked on dozens of other conventions (and this was in a day when there were many fewer conventions!)

In the 1950s, he published a handful of short stories and later published some shorts in collaboration with Mike Resnick: "The Astounding Adventures of Isaac Intrepid." Tabakow was the Fan GoH at Windycon I, Dubuquon II, and Rivercon V in 1980. In 1977, he entered the Masquerade at SunCon with Joan Bledig as "TAFF and DUFF, two visitors from the planet FIAWOL," which won awards for Best Presentation and Best Alien.

Tabakow received the Big Heart Award at Noreascon Two, the last convention he was able to attend. Lou was married to Carrie B. Tabakow. He died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

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