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(February 8, 1941 —)

Tony Lewis is a fan living in Boston, MA, who earned a PhD in Nuclear Physics from MIT. While at MIT he was very active in MITSFS, including serving as Librarian and Onseck. He was known as the Evil Dr. Lewis, a title he relished.

There is a story told that a MITSFS member was eating lunch with a friend at a resort in the Poconos and told the friend about this strange guy who was Librarian. The waiter leaned over and said, "You shouldn't say things like that abut Tony Lewis -- he has his agents everywhere." (The waiter was another MIT student on a summer job.)

Lewis was a member of the short-lived BoSFS, and a founder of NESFA which for many years met in the house owned by Tony Lewis and his wife Suford Lewis (see Neopro). Many people contributed to the creation of NESFA and modern Boston fandom, but his contributions were paramount and Boston fandom today in may ways reflects Tony Lewis.

He chaired Noreascon, the 1970 Worldcon. Ran program for Noreascon Two and was on the Noreascon 3 and Noreascon 4 committees. Member of MCFI. Member of the Boston in '67, Boston in 71, Boston in '89, Boston in '98, Boston in Orlando in 2001 and Boston in 2004 bid committees. He chaired Boskone 7, Boskone 14 and co-chaired Boskone 44. He chaired Codclave VII and was one of the organizers of Smofcon 0 in 1972. He has worked on numerous other conventions and was a well-known (and skilled) auctioneer. He has held numerous positions within NESFA, as well. He was a founding member of the Houston Science Fiction Society and a charter member of the SFRA.

He published the fanzine Stroon, and the APAzine Along Alpha Ralpha Boulevard. As those names will suggest, he was very interested in Cordwainer Smith and published the Concordance to Cordwainer Smith in several editions over the years. He also invented the term "recursive SF" and wrote An Annotated Bibliography of Recursive Science Fiction, a bibliography of recursive SF published by NESFA Press. He was active for many years in compiling the NESFA Index. He edited a number of issues of Proper Boskonian as well as Fanfare 11. He has been a member of Technology Amateur Press Association and APA-NESFA as well as MCFI's various con-running APAs.

He was a cast member in a number of fannish musicals at Boskone. He invented the Fanzine Control Board, was a member of the Hawaii in 1981 and Highmore in '76 Worldcon bids. He coined the term NASFiC and has edited Analog's "Upcoming Conventions Calendar" since 197x, making him the longest serving contributor at a single position at any prozine ever.

Space Travel by Ben Bova and Anthony R. Lewis from Writer's Digest Books was nominated for the 1998 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo and Concordance to Cordwainer Smith, Third Edition by Anthony R. Lewis from NESFA Press was nominated for the 2001 Best Related Book Hugo. He was an active member of SFWA.

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