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MCFI is the usual name of Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which is chartered to run conventions, primarily Worldcons. It ran Noreascon Two, Noreascon 3 and Noreascon 4. It was founded at a party in July, 1974 in Boxboro, MA.

MCFI was the first fannish organization to have an Internet domain. Mike Benveniste registered "Multinational Consolidated Financial Information" in November 1994 in the hope that he could get He failed in that, but got

(MCFI did not run Noreascon I, which predated MCFI. The first Noreascon was run by a special-purpose organization which dissolved a few years after the convention, turning its remaining assets over to NESFA in exchange for NESFA publishing the Noreascon Proceedings.)

MCFI also ran two unsuccessful Worldcon bids, Boston in '98 (abandoned when a mundane group took their facilities) and Orlando in 2001 (which lost to the MilPhil bid.)

In addition to Worldcons, MCFI has also run three Smofcons (Smofcon 3, Smofcon 15, and Smofcon 25), the 1999 World Fantasy Convention, and the 1998 Ditto. Non-convention-running activities included running the Connie Bailout, the masquerade at Iguanacon, and acting as US financial agent for Aussiecon 4. It created and then withdrew a Boston in 2021 Worldcon bid due to the current unavailability of an affordable site in Boston.

It ran Smofcon 35 in December 2017. (IA)

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