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After the collapse of MCFI's Boston in '98 worldcon bid, it concluded that in the short run Boston was not a feasible Worldcon site. Because the committee was eager to run a Worldcon, it looked for an alternative site and selected Orlando, FL. After clearing the process with local Orlando fans, it negotiated with multiple venues in the Orlando area, before settling on a very attractive deal with the Swan and the Dolphin Hotels owned by Disney. It also secured the right from FANAC, the organization which ran MagiCon, the 1992 Worldcon held in Orlando, to name the resulting convention "MagiCon 2" if it won.

The bid was chaired by Deb Geisler.

This bid was not associated in any way with the later Orlando in 2015 bid.

Orlando in 2001 lost to Philadelphia in 2001 in a vote held in Baltimore at BucConeer. See 2001 Worldcon Site Selection for details.

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