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BucConeer (also FanHistoriCon 8) was the 1998 Worldcon held August 5-9 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Lord Baltimore Hilton Towers, Marriott Harbor Place, and The Holiday Inn Omni Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.

GoHs: C. J. Cherryh, Stanley Schmidt, Michael Whelan, and J. Michael Straczynski (did not attend). FGoH: Milton A. Rothman. Charles Sheffield was Toastmaster.

Chairman: Peggy Rae Pavlat.

BucConeer was the second Worldcon held in Baltimore, following the 1983 Worldcon, Constellation. However, the committee chose not to call the convention Constellation II, which might have been expected under common Worldcon naming conventions, due to the desire to disassociate the 1998 Worldcon from the controversy surrounding the Constellation Bankruptcy.

It was sponsored by Baltimore Worldcon 1998, Inc..

The 2001 Worldcon Site Selection took place there, and the 1998 Hugos were awarded.

See also Baltiwash Worldcons.

Evelyn Leeper conrep.

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