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BoSFS was a relatively short-lived club in Boston which ran Boskone 1, Boskone 2, and Boskone 4. It was founded by Dave Vanderwerf in 1965 and run by him, primarily a vehicle for the ultimately rather badly failed Boston in '67 bid. (See 1967 Worldcon Site Selection.)

It was focused first on bidding for a Worldcon and secondly on running an annual convention, it was not organized as a year-around club to allow its members to meet regularly talk about SF and socialize. Additionally, personality conflicts quickly developed and BoSFS died of neglect and dissolved not long after Boskone 4, with most of its members, property, (and Boskone) moving on to found NESFA. (The property consisted of $70, a coffee pot, and the right (granted by E. E. Smith himself) to use "Boskone" as the name of a convention.)

The main members were Mike Ward, Dave Vanderwerf, and Erwin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss, other members included Leslie Turek, Alma Hill, Ed Galvin, Paul Galvin, Andrew A. Whyte, Hal Clement, Dave Dewsnap, and Ben Bova.

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