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The NESFA Index was a series of bibliographies published by NESFA over a 25-year period, mostly one year at the time, but with some collected volumes. The index covered the prozines from the beginning, but added original anthologies and reprint anthologies and collections at various times.

Year indexed Editor Year published Notes
1966-70 Tony Lewis 1971 82 pages; Follows format of MITSFS Index; Compendium volume; prozines only
1971-72 Dave Anderson, Joe Ross, Terry McCutchen 1973 42 pages; prozines and original anthologies
1973 Terry McCutchen 1974 30 pages; prozines only
1974 Terry McCutchen 1975 43 pages; henceforce adds original anthologies
1975 Terry McCutchen 1976 36 pages
1976 Terry McCutchen 1977 38 pages
1977-78 Ann Broomhead 1982 73 pages
1979-80 Ann Broomhead 1981 90 pages
1981 Ann Broomhead 1982 60 pages
1982 Ann Broomhead 1983 63 pages
1983 Ann Broomhead 1984 68 pages
1986 Jim Mann 1988 82 pages
1987 Jim Mann 1989 140 pages
1988 Aron Insinga 1990 143 pages; henceforth adds reprint anthologies and collections
1989 Jim Mann 1992 164 pages

Publication 19661989
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