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Bob "Doc" Passovoy is a fan active in filk music who found fandom in 1971. He is credited with coining the 5 - 2 - 1 Rule of convention-going, defining the amount of sleep, food, and showers convention attendees should include each day. Passovoy is also a founding member of the Dorsai Irregulars, a group which provides security to conventions, and serves as the organization's Corporate Agent.

He is married to filker and fan Anne Passovoy, and in 2000, the couple were the Fan Guests of Honor at Chicon 6.

At science fiction conventions, Passovoy often acts as an auctioneer and has helped create the style known in science fiction circles as Midwest style, which includes a lot of humorous schtick as well as straight auctioneering.

The Passovoys were mainstays of the Midwest filk community during the 70s and 80s and were drafted as the entertainment while judging was going on at the MidAmeriCon masquerade.

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