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Hank Reinhardt and Toni Weisskopf at Confederation, 1986. Photo by Ned Brooks.

(December 12, 1965 –)

Toni Weisskopf (also known as T. K. F. Weisskopf, born Antonia Katherine Flora Weisskopf) is a Southern fan, SF editor and the publisher of Baen Books.

Active in fandom since her teens, she published the fanzine, Yngvi Is a Louse! and Other Graffitos, was OE of SFPA, a member of FHAPA, and co-chaired DeepSouthCon 50 in 2012. She was a charter member of the North Alabama Science Fiction Association and a member of the Oberlin College SF Society and the Southern Fandom Confederation. She was one of Bob Tucker’s honorary “granddaughters”; real soon now, she’s going to publish his biography, with a lot of material he left her.

She was employed by Baen Books beginning in the 1980s, where she served as executive editor up until the death of founder Jim Baen in 2006, at which point she took over as publisher. She edited a number of anthologies (as by T. K. F. Weisskopf), implemented a groundbreaking e-publishing program and established the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award, the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award, and the Baen Best Military SF & Adventure SF Reader’s Choice Award.

She was invited to be Editor GoH at Discon III in 2021; however, due to a controversy about the user content of Baen Books’ online fora, the concom disinvited her, the first time such a thing happened in Worldcon history. Weisskopf was also announced as editor GoH of Orycon 42 and then removed when it was postponed from 2020 to 2021, with no reason publicized.

She is an alumna of Oberlin College, from which she graduated in 1987. She had a relationship and a child with Jim Baen and later married Hank Reinhardt.

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