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The Rubble Award is a counterpoint to the Rebel Award. The Rebel Award is given by DeepSouthCon to people doing great things for Southern Fandom. The Rubble is given for doing great things to Southern Fandom. The Rubble is nearly always given in a spirit of fun -- note the significant number of winners who have also won a Rebel Award.

The winner of the Rubble is decided by a survey of previous Rubble winners administered by one of its founders, Gary Robe. The first year there was a vote, with a tie being resolved by Guy H. Lillian III voting for himself.

The award was originally conceived in 1987 by a group of fans on the committee of ConCave, a convention in south-central Kentucky. The name "rubble" was actually coined by Patrick Molloy, the chair of the first few ConCaves. Patrick, Gary, and the other instigators felt that the traditional Rebel Award needed a counterbalance, patterned after the popular Hogu award that served as an alternate to the Hugos. Since Patrick was also Co-chair of that year's DeepSouthCon in Huntsville, AL, he was in a perfect position to make sure the presentation of the rubble made it into the ceremony. The rest, as they say, is history.

Winner Year Reason
Guy H. Lillian III 1987
Richard Gilliam 1988
John H. Guidry 1989
Irv Koch 1990
Ken Moore 1991 "For having the ugliest knees in fandom"
Ned Brooks 1992
Ben Yalow 1993
T. K. F. Weisskopf 1994
Gaylord Enterprises 1995
Naomi Fisher 1996 For crimes against the waistlines of fandom
Hank Reinhardt 1997
Gary R. Robe 1998 "Because He Can't Stop Us" and/or For Inventing the Rubble
George Wells 1999 For Introducing Fandom to Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman
Naomi Fisher 2000 For Single-Handedly Destroying the DSC Banquet
Steve Francis and Sue Francis 2001 For Retiring Rivercon
Rosy Lillian 2002 "For Making Guy More Than He Was"
Jerry Page 2003 For a Lifetime of Disservice
The Charlotte in 2005 NASFiC Bid Committee 2004 For failure to vote for their own bid (which lost by six votes)
Judy Bemis 2005 For resigning as Southern Fandom Confederation Treasurer
The Entire Robe Family 2006 For not telling us Where To Go and What To Do
Xerpes (Frank & Millie Kalisz) 2007 For the invention of 'Skippy' punch
Bob Embler 2008 For the attempted drowning of the DSC
Chattacon Registration Department 2009 For consecutive years of hours-long registration lines
Uncle Timmy 2010 Because "It's all Uncle Timmy's fault" and/or He'd been first runner-up too many times
Bill Parker 2011 For bringing the Worldcon (LoneStarCon 3) (and two years of work) to Southern fandom.
Bob Jennings 2012 For changing the SFPA deadline
Pat Gibbs 2013 For running DSC's traditional Hearts competition.
Gary Robe 2014 For screwing up SFPA's egoboo poll
The force of gravity 2015 For taking away Ned Brooks so recently
The Governor of North Carolina 2016 For unpopular politics
Covid-19 2020 for obvious reasons!
Covid-19 2022 one of the few multiple award winners...

Award 1987
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