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(Did you mean the Science Fiction Poetry Association?)

The Southern Fandom Press Alliance, a bi-monthly apa limited (though not entirely) to fans living in the Old South. It was founded in September 1961 by Bob Jennings.

Membership was governed by two rules: The "Damn Yankee" rule (no more than 20% of the membership could be non-Southern) and the Once a Southerner, Always a Southerner rule (a Southerner living in the North still counts as a Southerner). Shadow-SFPA is an apa for SFPA waitlisters.

An HTML index to the entire fanzine title content of SFPA is hosted at Fanac and updated as mailings appear every other month - January, March, May, July, September, November. September 2011 (Mailing 283) will be the 50th anniversary (the apa was originally quarterly). The September 1976 mailing had 880 pages! But the April 1981 mailing -- the 100th -- which was collated at Satyricon had 1748 pages even without Harry Andruschak's 300+ page contribution. As of 2020 it was still active.

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