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Lesleigh Maria Luttrell (née Couch), a Madison, WI, fan, was the winner of the first DUFF race in 1972 and was made GoH of Syncon 2. Her trip report was Lesleigh's Adventures Down Under. She was FGoH of Archon 3 in 1979.

Born in St. Louis, MO, a second-generation fan, she joined the OSFA shortly after it was founded, along with the rest of her family: Parents (and members of First Fandom) Leigh and Norbert Couch, and brothers Chris Couch and Mike Couch. In OSFA, she met her husband, fellow fan Hank Luttrell. In college, they founded the Missouri SF Association. She was on the St. Louiscon committee, a member of MadStf and helped put on the first Wiscons.

With Hank Luttrell, she edited Starling, which was nominated for the 1975 Best Fanzine Hugo. She was a member and OE of APA 45.

The Luttrells divorced and Lesleigh later married Dave Schreiner. She is largely gafiated, but at Chicon 8 in 2022, she celebrated the 50th anniversary of DUFF with a party.

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