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(December 16, 1937 – September 21, 2019)

Norman "Norm" C. Metcalf was a California fan and bibliographer whose The Index of Science Fiction Magazines 1951-1965 (1968) is a sequel to Index to the Science Fiction Magazines 1926-1950 (1952) by Donald B. Day.

Over the years he collected prozines and fanzines and belonged to several clubs, including the Little Men (of which he was Secretary), LASFS, N3F, SFG, and the Colorado Fantasy Society. He was Hugo administrator for

He collected the eight SF stories about Sherlock Holmes that were included in the anthology The Science Fictional Sherlock Holmes (1960), edited by Robert C. Peterson.

He was a member of many apas, including: OMPA, FAPA, The Cult, SFPA, PEAPS, SAPS, CRAP, IPSO, and N'APA.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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