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Fan from Raleigh, North Carolina. Most known as a conrunner, with interests in gaming, fanzines, and fanhistory.

Initially made contact with fandom through StellarCon, the convention of UNC-Greensboro's Science Fiction/Fantasy Federation (better known as SF-Cubed or Scubed), he quickly began volunteering, initially in the game room, and eventually in other roles, leading him to chair StellarCon 33. Through StellarCon's bid to host DeepSouthCon 46, he became involved in Southern Fandom, and served as president of the Southern Fandom Confederation from 2008 to 2012. He was also a member of SFPA for a while following this initial contact. Through the SFC, he learned of Worldcon, attending beginning at Denvention 3, and became a regular at the WSFS Business Meeting.

Co-chair of the Raleigh NASFiC 2010 bid along with Michael Pederson, and chair of the subsequent convention, ReConStruction.

Annoyed by choruses of "the greying of fandom", he organized a dinner at Renovation that led to the founding of the JOF group on Facebook, and subsequently co-chaired the first JOFcon with Crystal Huff near Baltimore.

An early supporter of the Texas in 2013 bid, he would go on to run the Exhibits Division with Patty Wells at LoneStarCon 3.

Chief instigator of the effort to hold a FanHistoriCon 13, which was hosted by RavenCon, in Williamsburg, VA, in late April 2016, and chaired by Michael Pederson.

Member of the Kansas City in 2016 bid, and subsequently Deputy Division Head of Member Services, under Jesi Pershing for MidAmeriCon 2.

Co-chair of the DC17 Worldcon bid along with Michael Nelson.

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