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Al Andrews from Guy Lillian's Challenger

(1928 -- 1970)

Alfred McCoy Andrews was a founding member (with Lloyd D. Broyles) of the Southern Fandom Group and of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance and co-publisher and editor of IscarioT. He published Abimelech for ALA-APA. He lived in Birmingham, AL in the early 60s. He was a member of the N3F, and ISFCC.

He suffered from Muscular Dystrophy and by 1969 the progress of the disease had made it impossible for him to continue his last fannish activity, the APA SFPA. For some years another fan had published his apazines for him, but that fan gafiated. The apa quickly missed Al's friendly presence. It proved easy to find another person to handle duplication of his apazine, but using his manual typewriter had by then become a serious problem.

In 1969, Hank Reinhardt organized the Al Andrews Typewriter Fund to raise the funds for an electric typewriter. By the end of St. Louiscon, the 1969 Worldcon, they had raised $250 and Andrews returned to activity in SFPA with the apazine As I Was Saying....

Sadly, this one contribution was his last, as early in 1970 he slipped and fell down the stairs in the nursing home in which he was living and died.

In 1961 he said of himself,

I collect Bible translations. Also strong interest in ancient religions, ancient history; with side interests in philosophy, poetry, and unusual subjects, i.e., lost continents, illusions (supernatural), literary hoaxes and pseudo-sciences. And, of course, music, ranging from classics, all types of jazz, a number of vocalists and folk music.

Bill Plott writes in Remembering Al Andrews that he was a "dedicated correspondent, genuinely funny guy, and good friend."

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