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An award, officially the Award for Excellence in Science Fiction Convention Partying, begun in 1985 by the St. Louis in '88 bid committee and thereafter by a "related group," presumably Czarkon, since the 1989 awards were announced as being voted on by members of Czarkon 7, an "adult relaxacon".

The trophy is rather archly described as

The design of the physical award is a full bottle of Beam's Choice bourbon mounted on a base; the base has a plaque with the year, award name, and the winner's name. An instant tradition was begun in 1985: the winners received their awards full, but took them home from the convention empty (many self-sacrificing volunteers helped empty the awards).

There was a suspiciously similar award being given out a decade later and we're unsure if it was the same award, an entirely different award, or a restart of this award after a hiatus. See the Archon Hall of Fame Award. Note, however, that they were both awarded at Tuckercon in 2007, suggesting they were separate awards.

Award 1985
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