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Michelle and Rich Zellich, ca. 2018.

(October 18, 1948 – June 9, 2021)

Michelle Louise Zellich (formerly Tenney, née Jennings) was a St. Louis conrunning fan. She was president of the St. Louis Science Fiction Society. She co-chaired Archon 13 in 1989, the St. Louis in '97 Worldcon bid, and the ninth NASFiC (Archon 31) in 2007 and chaired Archon 12 in 1988 and Archon 21 in 1997. She was part of the Trans World Con in 1991 hoax bid.

She married fellow fan Rich Zellich on August 27, 1988; they were pretty much the face of St. Louis fandom for decades. She had one son, Christopher Tenney. Michelle was a U.S. Army Federal civilian employee and then an Army civilian contractor. She is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. She was known for her fondness for ducks.

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