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An adults-only convention held in St. Louis, MO from 1983 to 2001. It seems to have sometimes been written Tsarkon.

Convention Nickname Dates GoHs
Czarkon 1 December 9-11, 1983 Glen Cook
Czarkon 3 / Xarkon December 6-8, 1985 William F. Wu, Debi Vaughan, John Vaughan, and David Lee Anderson
Czarkon 4 December 5-7, 1986 Warren Norwood, Nancy Nutt, Joan Hanke-Woods
Czarkon 5 Pizzarkon January 22-24, 1988 Robert Daniels, John Cleve, Dick Spelman
Czarkon 6 Tsarkon February 2-5, 1989 Victor Milan, Rick Lowry
Czarkon 10 January 15-17, 1993 Glen Cook, Jim Murray
CzarkonY2K February 25-27, 2000 Glen Cook, Roger Zimpel, Lyn Halama, Michael Williams
Czarkon 12 January 26-28, 2001 Robin Wayne Bailey, Jack Doremus, Richard Zellich

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