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Easter Paragon
July 31 Poul Anderson dies
August 30 - 3 September (Labor Day) Millennium Philcon
September 22 The Ghreat Revelation
September 28-30 First Capclave held
October 6 Milton Rothman dies
Last Tropicon held
Victor Gonzalez TAFF trip
CUFF: Murray Moore
DUFF: Naomi Fisher & Patrick Molloy (South)
GUFF: Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber (North)
NAFF: Lucy Zinkiewicz

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2001: A Space Odyssey ConAboriginal SFAggieCon XXXIIAlbacon 2001AlexiadArcana 31Archon 25Arisia '01ArmadilloCon 23Astronomicon '01Balticon 35Being Gardner DozoisBill EntrekinBoskone 38Bree MootBrotherhood Without BannersBubonicon 33CONduit 11CapclaveCapclave 2001Capricon 21ChambanaCon 31Chattacon XXVICoastcon XXIVCon*Stellation XXConChord 15ConClave XXVIConComCon 8ConQuesT 32Concave 22ConcussionCondemnationConestoga 2001Confluence 13ConglomerationConglomeration 2001Consonance 2001Conterpoint FourContext XIVCopperCon 21Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery AwardCorflu 18Costume-Con 19Crawford AwardCrypt of CthulhuCzarkonDarkover Grand Council 24DeepSouthCon 39DemiCon 12Ditto 14Diversicon 9DucKon 10Earthsea TrilogyEerieCon 3Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-La ConFarmerconFarragoFoolscap IIIGAFilk 2001Genericon XIVGeorge JumperGharlane of EddoreGlossGordon R. DicksonGray MorrowHOMer AwardI-Con XXICFA 22ICON 26InCon 2001InConJunction XXIInterfilkJ. Harvey HaggardJack DarrowJack HarnessJackpot!Kubla Khan XXIXKublaConLe ZombieLepraConLepraCon 2001LepreCon 27LibertyCon 15Life, the Universe, & Everything 19Living Legend ReceptionLoscon 28Lunacon 44Marcon 36Mark KellerMarsCon 2001MasqueMeade FriersonMidSouthCon 19Midwestcon 52MileHiCon 33Millennicon LiftoffMillennium PhilconMilton A. RothmanMinicon 36MisCon 15MosConMystery God ConFusionMythcon XXXIINecon 21NecronomiCon, 5th EditionNecronomicon 2001NonConNonCon 1Norwescon XXIVOASIS 14OVFF 17Odyssey ConOlga LeyOryCon 23Peregrine NationsPhiladelphia in 2001Potlatch 10Poul AndersonPulpcon 30RadCon 3AReadercon 13Rick ShelleyRoc*Kon 2001Rosemary HickeyRustycon 18SF-LOVERS DigestScience Fiction Resource GuideScott ImesSpirits of Things PastStan WoolstonStellarCon 25StopgapTerry HughesThe Federation HolmesThe Infinite MatrixThe Kessel RunThe Third ConCertoTrinoc*coN 2001TropiconTropicon XXTucker TributeTusCon 28Ursa Major AwardsValleycon 26VikingconVikingcon 22Westercon 54WillyCon IIIWindy City Pulp & Paper ConventionWindy City Pulp & Paper Convention 1WindyCon XXVIIIWisCon 25World Fantasy Convention 2001Zap

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