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The Canadian Unity Fan Fund. Inspired by TAFF and other similar fan funds, but this one is to promote unity and foster personal communication between fans of the Western and Eastern regions of Canada. The boundary is defined by the Ontario/Manitoba border. Since 1988, the sponsored trip has usually been to 'Canvention,' where the Auroras (formerly Caspers) are handed out, which is effectively the Canadian national convention. Bob Webber started the fund in 1981, but it didn’t arise again till the late ’80s.

There was an unsuccessful call for nominations in 2018.

...Off the CUFF, Taral Wayne's history of the fund

Year Winner Trip Report / Notes
1981 Michael Hall "The First Canadian Unity Fan Fund Trip Report"; attended Torque 2.
1987 insufficient nominees
1988 Taral Wayne
1989 Robert Runte
1990 Paul Valcour
1992 Linda Ross-Mansfield
1996 Rene Walling
1997 R. Graeme Cameron "A Typical C.U.F.F (Canadian Unity Fan Fund) Trip Report"
1998 Lloyd & Yvonne Penney Penneys Up the River and other CUFF stories
1999 Garth Spencer
2000 Sherry Neufeld
2001 Murray Moore A Trip Report Found in a Plain Manila Envelope
2002 Colin Hinz
2003 Lyndie S. Bright
2004 no CUFF delegate
2005 Brian Davis
2007 Peter Jarvis
2008 Lance Sibley
2009 LeAmber Kensley
2010 Diane Lacey
2011 Kent Pollard
2012 Debra Yeung  
2013 insufficient nominees
2014 Travers Milo was unable to attend the Canvention, VCON 39
2015 Paul Carreau
2017 no CUFF delegate
2018 insufficient nominees
2019 Fran Skene
2023 Garth Spencer

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