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(Did you mean Borderlands Books?)

Borderlands was initially a convention in Perth, Western Australia from 2001 to 2003, run by Grant Watson, Simon Oxwell and Anna Hepworth. It published a book with a similar title each year.

From April 2003 a prozine with the same name was published from there, running for 11 issues.

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Convention Dates Location GoHs
Borderlands 2001: The World Within November 24-25, 2001 Emerald Hotel Chris Lawson, Jeremy Byrne, Tess Williams
Borderlands 2002: That which scares us September 7-8, 2002 Emerald Hotel Eddie Campbell, Stephen Dedman
Borderlands2003: Trilogy August 23-24, 2003 Emerald Hotel Simon Brown, Dave Luckett

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