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A convention organized by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA from 1980. It was succeeded by ValhallaCon.

It appears that a comics convention called Vikingcon (with a restarted numbering system) is currently operating at Western Washington U. It is unclear if it shares more than the name

Convention Dates GoHs
Vikingcon 1 1980
Vikingcon 2 1981
Vikingcon 3 1982
Vikingcon 4 1983
Vikingcon 5 1984
Vikingcon 6 1985 Jack Chalker, William J. Kaufman
Vikingcon 7 April 18-20, 1986
Vikingcon 8 April 17-19, 1987 Alan Dean Foster, Julia Lacquement, Paul N. Swanson, Greg Cox, Steve Jackson
Vikingcon 9 1988
Vikingcon 10 February 10-12, 1989 Robert Forward, Terry Whyte
Vikingcon 11 February 19-21, 1990 John Dalmas, Joel Davis, Jon Gustafson
Vikingcon 12 August 16-18, 1991 Lois McMaster Bujold, Jody Bergsma, Steve Forty
Vikingcon 13 August 7-9, 1992 John G. Cramer, Edward Bryant, Freeman Dyson
Vikingcon 14 1993
Vikingcon 15 August 5-7, 1994 George R. R. Martin, Connie Willis
Vikingcon 16 August 11-13, 1995 Poppy Z. Brite, Jim Woodring
Vikingcon 17 August 18-20, 2000 Larry Niven, Robert Forward, Julia Lacquement, George Dyson, Paul Carpentier, Julie McGalliard
Vikingcon 18 August 17-19, 2001 James P. Hogan, J. D. Frazer, Jon Singer
Vikingcon 19 July 26-28, 2002

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