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February 22-24 Last Penulticon
March First Concave
March 7-9 First Canvention
Easter Albacon 80, the first Scottish Albacon
May Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop founded
June 13-15 First Ad Astra
June 20-22 First MidSouthCon
Summer First Necon
July 4-6 First MystiCon
July 4-7 First British Unicon
August 28 - September 11 Dave Langford TAFF trip.
August 29 - September 2 (Labor Day) Noreascon Two (Worldcon)
September 12 Susan Wood dies
October North Alabama Science Fiction Association founded.
First ConQuesT held
DUFF: Keith Curtis (North)

Publishers founded or closed:

Stores opened or closed:




New Zealand:


19866th World Fantasy ConventionAPA-PiAPA-SlobboviaASFiConAggieCon XIAlec Nevala-LeeAlterConAlterCon 1Ambercon 2Apricon 3Apricon 7Apricon 8Apricon 9Archon 4ArmadilloCon 2AutoClave 4Balticon 1Balticon 14Boskone 17Boston in 1980Bubonicon 12CapriconCatnipChambanaCon 10Chattacon VCoastcon '80Codclave VIConClave VConFusion 6 and/or 7ConQuesT 1980ConcaveConcave 1Daniel Jose OlderDarkover Grand Council 1980DatClaveDatClave 1DeepSouthCon 18Denebian Slime DevilsDevil Take the HindmostDisclave 24Doris Pitkin BuckEmpiricon 2EniznafEternity Science FictionFan Tarot DeckFanaticsFantasy Faire TenFantasy Worlds Midwinter FestivalFilkCon IIFinlay FunniesFlushing in '80Fool-Con IIIGalaxy Science FictionGalileoGeorge PalGlyptocon 2Gorbash and Thunder the Lame NewtHarlotHawai'iHexacon 2Hoosier ConHouston Science Fiction SocietyICFA 1ICON 5Il BicheImaginitzaconInternational Conference on the Fantastic in the ArtsInterstellar Mercenaries GuildIntervention BetaInvisible Little Man AwardJanusJimmy Carter. Warlord of MarsJohn CollierJohn McGeehanKameron HurleyKris NevilleKubla Khan AteLA in '80LasfapaconLeapconLepreCon 6Loscon 7Lunacon 23LytheriaMarcon XVMarie BrennanMasqueradeMayBelle AnshutzMein Tochas DazwischenMidSouthConMidSouthCon 1Midwestcon 31MileHiCon 12Milford AwardMinicon 16MoonstoneMosCon IIMotaMystiConMystiCon 1Mythcon XINaginataNeconNecon 1New VariantNoreascon TwoTony Lewis' Noreascon Two ReminiscenceNorwescon IIINot-AnokonNot-Anokon 1Off Centaur PublicationsOryCon '80Othercon IVOur ClubPenulticonPenulticon 3Philcon 1980PhoenixPhoenix in '80PongPrinked MatterPulpPulpcon 9PungentlyReadercon Small Press AwardResolutionRivercon VRoc*Kon 5Rochester Fantasy Fair 1Saga of the NESFA ClubhouseSci-Con 2SolarconSon of ParaconSpacecon 2Spang BlahStar WhoresStellarCon VSusan PetreySwampconTelosThe Book of MazarbulThe House at Puh-Puh Platter CornerThe Monthly MonthlyThe Recent FutureThe Voice of the LobsterThe Westerfilk CollectionThis Sure as Hell Ain't DNQTom GodwinTusCon 17TusCon 7URCON IIUnicon 6UpperSouthClave 10Valleycon 5VikingconVikingcon 1Vul-ConWallace WestWestercon 33Western Pennsylvania SF AssociationWhatcon IIWilliam MorrisonWindycon VIIWisCon 4X-Con 4

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