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Empiricon 2 was a convention held July 4-6, 1980 at the Prince George Hotel in New York, NY. The GoHs were David G. Hartwell, the Fan GoH was Marc Glasser. It was chaired by Jon Estren.

In addition to the usual panels and sessions, featuring writers like Hal Clement, Barry N. Malzberg, and Samuel R. Delany, Empiricon 2 was notable for having musical performances by local fan favorites The Bermuda Triangle and Andy Breckman. Fred Kuhn also performed songs from his A Song of Gods Gone Mad album, backed for the one and only time in public by "Light" (Maryann Arrien, Roberta Sappington, and Freff, who had all played on the album).

There was a convention review by Darrell Schweitzer in File 770 22, p. 7.

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