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Lytheria, a slan shack at 2705 N. Shepard Ave. on the East Side of Milwaukee, was established in 1980 when local fan Lee Schneider bought the neoclassical mansion, which typically houses a baker’s dozen fen, gamers and fringe fans. It is officially registered as a boarding house with the city of Milwaukee, the only one in town.

The 120-plus-year old structure has 12 bedrooms, six bathrooms and two kitchens. Schneider made up the name, from a fantasy novel he means to write one day.

Lytheria serves as a social center for much of Milwaukee fandom, hosting regular parties, holiday potlucks, gaming nights and more. Every Halloween, Schneider, Lytheria residents and other Milwaukee fans transform it into an elaborate fun house for trick-or-treaters, each year with a different theme and costumed characters to match.

Milwaukee Magazine article

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