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Lee Schneider is a longtime Milwaukee fan. As owner of the slan shack Lytheria, which he launched in 1980, he plays host to much of Cream City fandom’s social activity.

Every Halloween, Schneider, with other Lytheria residents and local fans, orchestrates an elaborate, themed fun house for trick-or-treaters. In his spare time, Lee builds stage props for various groups, organizes tabletop role-playing games and restores the 120+-year-old Lytheria property. In mundane life, he works for a company that specializes in water effects — he made it rain on the band Fun when it performed during the 2013 Grammys.

“I grew up in a family of tinkerers,” he told Milwaukee Magazine. “Then I went and got a computer tech degree, which made me an official tinkerer. Then I got a degree in computer hardware design, which made me an overeducated tinkerer.”

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