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Unicon (UK)
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(Unicon is a popular convention name. Here are the others.)

A series of university-based conventions in the UK and normally held during the summer. It was launched as a one-time event in 1980 at Keele University in Staffordshire, England named Unicon 80 and held two more at the same location. Unicon was then opened up to outside groups and became the name of the series, but not necessarily of the convention.

# Convention Dates Location GoHs
1 Unicon 80 July 4-7, 1980 Keele University, Staffordshire Harry Harrison
2 Unicon 81 Sept 11-14, 1981 Keele University, Staffordshire John Sladek (from Connote8 programme book)
3 Unicon 82 Sept 10-12, 1982 Keele University, Staffordshire Richard Cowper, Leroy Kettle, Robert Holdstock
4 Unicon 83 Sept 9-11, 1983 University of Essex, Colchester Ian Watson
5 Oxcon 84 Aug 25-27, 1984 St. Catherine's College, Oxford Brian Aldiss
6 Camcon Sep 13-15, 1985 Cambridge, UK John Christopher
7 ConSept Aug 8-10, 1986 University of Surrey, UK Tanith Lee
8 Connote8 Jul 3-5, 1987 Cambridge, UK Geraldine Harris, Diana Wynne Jones
9 Wincon I Aug 19-21, 1988 King Alfred's College, Winchester Patrick Tilley, Geoff Ryman
10 uNIcon Aug 11-13, 1989 Queen's University, Belfast Harry Harrison, Terry Pratchett, James White, Will Simpson, Ian McDonald, Iain Thomas
11 Uniconze Jul 6-8 1990 New Hall College, Cambridge, UK Barrington J. Bayley, Lionel Fanthorpe, Dave Langford, Bill Sanderson, Ian Watson
12 MabinogiCon Jul 26-28, 1991 University College of North Wales, Bangor Gael Baudino Anne McCaffrey did not show)
13 Scone Aug 7-9, 1992 Strathclyde University, Glasgow Iain M. Banks, Anne Page
14 Lunicon Jul 31-Aug 1, 1993 Leeds Roger Zelazny, Colin Greenland, Michael Scott Rohan
15 BAcon Jul 8-10, 1994 New Hall College, Cambridge, UK Geoff Ryman, Simon Ings
16 Convocation Jul 18-20, 1997 New Hall , Cambridge, UK Steven Brust, James Wallis, Andrew Rilstone
17 Wincon V Aug 13-15, 1999 King Alfred's College, Winchester John Whitbourn, Warren Ellis, Michael Sheard, Richard Le Parmentier, Diana Wynne Jones
18 Lexicon Aug 18-20, 2000 Exeter College, Oxford Philip Pullman
19 Eboracon Aug 24-26, 2001 Langworth College, University of York Douglas Hill, Anne Gay, Stan Nicholls, Diane Duane, Peter Morwood
20 ConteXXt Aug 16-19, 2002 University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Keith Brooke, Ben Jeapes, Alexa Klettner
21 Recombination Aug 10-12, 2007 New Hall, Cambridge, UK
22 MeCon 11 Aug 29-31, 2008 Queen's University, Belfast Charles Stross
23 Constitution Jul 31-Aug 2, 2009 Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK
24 Congenial Aug 10-12, 2012 Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio

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