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Unicon 12, MabinogiCon, was held July 26-28, 1991 at Neaudd Rathbone, UNCW Bangor, in Bangor, UK. The GoHs were Gael Baudino and Anne McCaffrey, who did not attend.

For a brief con report, see the Ansible conrep, which has the delightful consequences of Anne McCaffrey's failure to attend due to some urgent proofreading. As Dave writes:

In place of a GoH speech there was a guest interview, fortuitously found printed in an old issue of Vector. The  original interviewer David V. Barrett repeated his savagely probing questions, and the answers were delivered by a cunning simulation of Anne McCaffrey, being con chairman Ivan Towlson in a rather fetching borrowed dress. He  had neglected to shave off his beard. I noted a few slight deviations from the script.
Barrett: 'Anne, do you ever think -- '
False Anne McCaffrey: 'Good heavens, no!'

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