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Easter Speculation
April 11 James V. Taurasi dies
April First FilKONtario held
August 29 -- September 2 (Labor Day) Chicon V (Worldcon)
November 30 -- December 1 First Astronomicon
Pam Wells TAFF trip
DUFF: Art Widner (South)
FFANZ: Alan Stewart (East)

Publishers founded or closed:

Stores opened or closed:

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Fan History:


New Zealand:


17th World Fantasy ConventionA Change of HobbitAfter All These Years: Sam Moskowitz on His Science Fiction CareerAggieCon XXIIAlbert MagarianAlexander PhillipsArcana 21Archon 15Arisia '91ArmadilloCon 13AstronomiconAstronomicon 1Atlanta Fantasy FairAtlanta Fantasy Fair 1991Balticon 25Baycon '91BeyondBeyond the Enchanted Duplicator ... To the Enchanted ConventionBoskone 28Bubonicon 23CON/FUSIONCONduitCONduit 1Capricon 11ChambanaCon 21Chattacon XVIChicago in '91Chicon VCoastcon XIVCon*Stellation XConChord 7ConClave 16ConQuesT 22ConTact 9Concave 12Confluence 4Consonance 1991Context IVContradiction 11CopperCon 11Corflu 8Costume-Con 9Darkover Grand Council 14DeepSouthCon 29DefCon IVDemiCon 2Dick EllingtonDisclave 35Ditto 4Doll GillilandDreamcon 6DynatronFallen AngelsFourth Street Fantasy 1991Futurespeak: Fan's Guide to the Language of Science FictionGene RoddenberryGenericon VIIHOMer AwardHexaConI-Con XICFA 12ICON 16Immaculate ConFusionInCon '91InConJunction XIIsaac Bashevis SingerJames Tiptree, Jr. Memorial AwardJames V. TaurasiKWEST*ConKubla 1991 AlbukLepreCon 17LepriCon '91Lepricon '91Leslie F. StoneLet's FanacLibertyCon 5Life, the Universe, & Everything 9Loscon 18Lunacon 34Marcon 26MawMeg FrankMeshuggahMidSouthCon 10Midwestcon 42MileHiCon 23Millennicon -10Minicon 26Minn-Con '91MisCon 6MosCon XIIIMythCon XXIINJAC 7Necon 11Necronomicon '91No AwardNoSF3Noreascon 3 Memory BookNorwescon XIVNyctalopsOASIS 4OKon 14OVFF 7Octocon 28Octocon IIOryCon 13Philcon 1991Phoenixcon 6Pulpcon 20QuantumReadercon 4ReinCONationReinCONation 1Rivercon XVIRoc*Kon 15RovaconRovacon 16Rustycon 8Sacramento in 1991Sci-Con 13Silicon '91SiliconSilverconSmofcon 8SoonerCon 7Stave the WailsT. E. DiktyThe Franson AwardTime-TeaTropicon XTusCon 18UpperSouthClave 21Valleycon 16Vikingcon 12Windycon XVIIIWisCon 15World Horror ConventionWorld Horror Grand Master

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