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Ditto 4 was held October 18–20, 1991, at the beachfront Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA. It was chaired by Cathy Doyle & Kip Williams. GoH: Ned Brooks.

Kip recalled:

We conspired to "randomly" award the Guest of Honor spot to Ned, who wouldn't have allowed himself to be so honored without an ambush. Called to the podium, he gave this speech, which my brain has paraphrased thusly:

A fellow, back in the day, in France, was prevailed upon by his friends to take a ride in a sedan chair. Oh, they said, it's incomparable! You'll love it! So they engaged a chair for him, but played a little joke. There was no bottom. He stepped inside and was still on the ground. When the two lackeys picked up the posts and started going, he had to step lively to keep up. 
Afterwards, his friends asked how he had enjoyed his 'ride.' "Well," he said, "Apart from the honor of the thing, it's very much like walking."

A few fans went off to tour the Beroaldus Cosmopolita Typewriter Museum (aka Ned’s house) in Newport News. The program also included a speaker from the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Photos at Fanac

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